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What We Offer

We offer exciting and culturally diverse educational activities for all ages. Find out more....

Our Values

We encourage respect for cultural difference and the development of self-awareness. Find out more .....

Connected Internationally

We have over 50 international affiliates and provide reciprocal hosting opportunities. See what is on offer in 2016 ....

CISV chapters all over the world had a 'Dance Off' to celebrate International Peace Day 2011.  Want to get a feel for the CISV international network?  click here...

An Active Junior Branch

We have an energetic group of Juniors. Become involved ...

Our History

The CISV Australia story began in 1979. Check out the history .... 

Our National Website

You can visit the CISV Australia website for information about CISV in other parts of Australia.

For a Brief Overview

Download a copy of the CISV Passport (1 MB) for a concise summary of what CISV is all about, or Just Saying (1.3 MB)to learn how to explain what CISV is all about to others. Want to know a bit more?  Check out Big Ed (2 MB).

Latest News

"My schoolyard perspective was replaced by a global one. My village address list was my own personal map of the world."

CISV participant, Canada

Group of Children

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